Samecoin FAQs

What is Samecoin?

Samecoin is an ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and products that aims to simplify crypto and bring it into everyone's pocket the way it was originally intended - as a way to pay for things while being your own bank.
The ecosystem is made up of Samecoin, which is our utility token. It is a medium through which the Samecoin Protocol can enforce governance, reward users, incentivize activity, and provide a medium to raise capital. We also have our family of fully transparent stablecoins, SameUSD and SameEuro, whose reserve is a basket of widely available stablecoins. This makes it easy for anyone to check and verify the size of the reserve.

What is the governance structure of the Samecoin?

Currently, the composition of the Samecoin is vetted by our team, ensuring that each of the constituents is appropriate in maintaining and contributing to the value of the basket. Over time, we may incorporate a more community-driven governance structure where Samecoin holders can vote to reconstitute the basket of SameUSD/SameEuro.

Who is going to hold the Samecoin?

People can use Samecoin to pay for transaction fees (instead of BNB, ETH) on SamePay, our multi-wallet mobile app. This way, early buyers of Samecoin (at lower initial prices) would effectively be paying fees at a much lower price. When minting SameUSD or SameEuro, users also get some Samecoin as reward, which can be used for the transaction fees on SamePay
This creates an incentive loop where the more SameUSD you mint, the more Samecoin rewards you get that you can then use to pay for the transaction fees at a price that would end up bringing you lots of savings.

How can I obtain the Samecoin?

The Samecoin is going to be listed and put on sale on several exchanges. It is also obtainable natively through the Samecoin Protocol via Mint / Save / LP Stake.

How can I check if my funds are secure?

One main advantage that the Samecoin has over other stablecoins is on-chain collateralization, which you can find on BscScan at our smart contract address.
[Note: please do not send tokens directly to this address. Any activity related to interacting with our smart contract should be properly directed through our Official Website]

Who are your major competitors regarding the Samecoin?

We find other stablecoins to be complementary to our Samecoin product. As its popularity grows, so will the other stablecoin constituents and possibly inspire newer models. The crypto economy has enough space to present a diverse offering of stablecoins, and we are also excited to see the growth in the upcoming time. We are helping overcome several operational barriers through basketing, hoping to bring wider adoption at scale as a collective addition to what is already accessible.

Which exchanges will list the Samecoin?

We are working with several exchanges to allow wider community adoption of our product. We will update our community when the time comes. You can sign up for updates or listen in on our social media channels.

What are the social channels I can listen in on?

We definitely encourage all of you to stay engaged with us. You can find us on any of our channels: