Step1. Create a crypto wallet
To get started to use the Samecoin Protocol, the first thing you'll need is to create a wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC) or Hoo Smart Chain (HSC). Wallets are available for desktop computers and smartphone devices. You'll need to choose the wallet that best fits your needs.
PS: Only MetaMask wallet is currently supported. More wallets will be added in the future.
When you're creating a wallet, be sure to:
  • Download and install only the latest version from an official source.
  • Follow the setup guide carefully.
  • Safely back up your recovery phrases.
  • NEVER share your recovery phrases with anyone, under any circumstances.
  • NEVER input your recovery phrase to a website or app, other than your wallet app.


MetaMask is a popular browser-based wallet plugin that supports ERC20 (Ethereum network) and BEP20 & ORC20 (Binance Smart Chain & Hoo Smart Chain networks). ​
Pros: - Open source for auditability - WEB3 capable on BscScan/HscScan - Strong history of security and reliability - large amount of tutorials and resources online - Many tools and custom settings - Offers ETH purchases with Transak - Available in a large number of languages - Also available as a browser plugin for desktop web browsers
Cons: - Longer setup time than other options - Additional steps needed to use with Binance Smart Chain & Hoo Smart Chain - Extra information and settings may confuse beginners
NEVER, in any situation, give someone your private key or recovery phrase ("seed phrase"). This will give someone complete access to your crypto! Samecoin Protocol and staff will never ask you for your private key or seed phrase.

Token Pocket

Token Pocket is a cryptocurrency management app that natively supports many cryptocurrency networks. It also has a desktop application available.
  • Open source for auditability
  • Allows users to easily switch between many crypto networks
  • Supports many networks by default
  • A less cramped user experience than browser plugin wallets
  • Is also available as desktop software devices
  • Only supports Chinese and English languages
  • Has some issues with the English translation
  • Has fewer online resources than more established wallets
Download Token Pocket App (Automatically detects device)

Token Pocket Mobile Setup Guide

  1. 1.
    Visit the Token Pocket website and tap Mobile.
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  1. 1.
    Your device will be automatically detected. Tap the Google Play or App Store button and install the Token Pocket app.
  2. 2.
    Once Token Pocket is installed, open it. You’ll be met by a screen asking whether you have an existing wallet or would like to create a new one. Tap No accounts, Create Now.
If you do have an existing wallet to import, use the top option instead.
  1. 1.
    On the next page, find Binance Smart Chain in the list and tap it.
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  1. 1.
    Next, on the “Create way” page, tap Create Wallet.
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  1. 1.
    You’ll be asked to enter a password. For your security, make sure your password is judged as “Strong”. You can also add a hint, but make sure it’s something only you will understand. When you’re ready, tap Create Wallet.
And that’s it, all done!
To connect to Binance Smart Chain and use Samecoin Protocol, you can follow the TokenPocket section of our Connect Your Wallet to Samecoin Protocol guide

Getting private key from mobile to import to desktop

Token Pocket lets you use both a desktop and mobile wallet. This section will cover how to get your private key from your mobile wallet to import into your desktop wallet.
Please be extremely careful with how you handle your private keys. Giving your private keys to someone will give them full access to your coins! Token Pocket is an open source project and will use your private key to import your wallet. Even so, only use your private key with applications you trust and can verify are legitimate!
  1. 1.
    Tap the Me tab on the bottom ribbon and tap Manage Wallets.
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  1. 1.
    On the next page, tap the Binance Smart Chain entry. Be careful not to tap the address part, or you’ll only copy that to clipboard instead.
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  1. 1.
    When the menu appears, find and tap the Export Private Key option. Type in your password to get your private key.
NEVER, in any situation, should you ever give someone your private key or recovery phrase ("seed phrase"). This will give someone complete access to your crypto!
The genuine Samecoin Protocol site and staff will never ask you to input your seed phrase.
Now you have your private key ready to import your wallet into the desktop version of Token Pocket.