SameUSD/SameEuro FAQs

What is SameUSD/SameEuro?

SameUSD/SameEuro is backed by a reserve basket of widely accepted stablecoins (USDT, USDC, and BUSD). This means the size of the reserve can be easily verified by anyone, while making sure that no single stablecoin has a majority share of our reserves.

How is the SameUSD/SameEuro different from other stablecoins?

Many stablecoins maintain their value through different methods, some of which may be unproven or empirically flawed. What sets SameUSD/SameEuro apart is that the stablecoin maintains its stability through a tested and proven financial theory in traditional markets.
Some major benefits of how the SameUSD/SameEuro is constructed extend to its on-chain transparency, quick redeemability, mitigated counterparty risk, and reduced price volatility. We believe these are strong selling points when compared to the value proposition of standalone stablecoins. We encourage everyone to check out our Medium articles for more information regarding these aspects.

How do you determine what stablecoins to peg to?

Initially, SameUSD will be pegged to USDT, USDC, and BUSD. Our strategy is to pick the most recognized and available stablecoins in the market. We aim to have our basket of stablecoins as decentralized as possible. Hence, we will announce the addition of other stablecoins to the basket of reserves in the coming months.

Will SameUSD/SameEuro backed by other currencies too in the future?

Yes, we are constantly looking at opportunities to release more local-backed currencies. However, it is very important to us that this is done carefully to provide real value and solve real-life use cases rather than expanding too quickly and losing focus on our vision. At the moment, we aim to release SameUSD first, with SameEuro to follow later.

How can SameUSD/SameEuro be useful in secondary market activity?

For holders, SameUSD/SameEuro can be used as an asset for trading, position management, payments, or lending services due to its qualifying features. A better stablecoin allows for more consistent usage and provides easier access to blockchain use cases.

How can I obtain the SameUSD/SameEuro?

The SameUSD/SameEuro is going to be listed and on sale on several exchanges. It will also be obtainable natively through the Samecoin Protocol via Mint.

How can I check if my SameUSD/SameEuro are secure?

You can find it on BscScan at our smart contract address.
[Note: please do not send tokens directly to this address. Any activity related to interacting with our smart contract should be properly directed through our Official Website]