Saving allows users to stake their SAME-stablecoins and earn Samecoin rewards, similar to a savings account in a traditional bank.


The Save smart contract can generate considerable interest rate without the risk of impermanent loss
When users deposit their SAME-stablecoins to the Save smart contract, backed stablecoins (USDT, BUSD and USDC) are deposited to market-tested DeFi applications such as Ellipsis or PancakeSwap. This is done to earn income which is then given out to users as rewards. Other sources of income, such as token liquidation are also included.
Based on the formula below, Samecoin is given out to users as the Saving rewards.

Save Rewards = [s/S] * Rs

s: This user‘s SameUSD saving amounts per block ‌ S: The last user’s SameUSD saving amounts per block ‌ Rs: Savings rewards per block
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